Hot Dog! We Have a Wiener!!

Who knew that all you had to do to have a successful internet giveaway contest was embarrass yourself on the Internet for all of eternity?! You guys and gals definitely out-did yourselves with the caption contest and, as much as we would love to keep the free pair of Oiselle Flyte Shorts for ourselves, we sadly have to anoint a winner.

BUT FIRST! There was that little head-to-head contest between Grumplesiggy and RunFastandFab over who rocks the Flyte Shorts better. And man, was it a close one. RunFastandFab pulled out to the early lead, but Grumplesiggy valiantly fought his way back to within a few votes. With a final push on Monday afternoon, while Grumplesiggy was recovering from a long weekend of cheering on 50,000 of his closest friends at the NYC Marathon, RunFastandFab ran away from her male pursuant with a final tally of 69-49. Even though Grumplesiggy lost, we’re all fairly certain that he isn’t too torn up about having to buy RunFastandFab another pair of Flyte Shorts. I mean, she did look pretty good in them, right? As always, in the battle of sexes, women rule the day.

And now (drumroll please) the caption contest. Who will win the coveted pair of Flyte Shorts to show off his/her LBA to the world at large?? Continue reading

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The Great Flyte Short Walk-Off: RunFastandFab vs. Grumplesiggy

Great news, fans and friends! Your two favorite Oiselle shorts bloggers, @grumplesiggy of a siegfried runs and @RunFastandFab of The Fast and the Fabulous have joined forces to bring you the most fantastically amazeballs blog giveaway contest in the history of social media! Read on to find out how enter to win awesome Oiselle swag, and get pumped! This is guaranteed to be life changing.

The Back Story, In Case You Missed:

Grumplesiggy and RunFastandFab “met” several months ago on the Internet when they wrote parallel blog reviews of the Oiselle Stride short (aka Spandex Shorts Nirvana). Instantly they became blog BFFL, and today they own practically identical Oiselle wardrobes**. In the unlikely event that you haven’t already read the posts that brought these two crazy Oiselle shorts super-fans together, you can check out her’s here and his here.

RunFastandFab has been rocking her scrumptiously comfortable, hella-sporty, shorty-short Flyte shorts for fast races and workouts for quite sometime now. Grumplesiggy, on the other hand, hemmed and hawed on these for awhile, pulling the old “come on I’m a dude!” excuse for weeeeeks, but finally pulled the trigger on joining the Flyte Shorts Revolution (#FSR; review forthcoming!). We wanted to celebrate our new discovery (i.e. that fact that we now officially own all the same Oiselle shorts), but we couldn’t quite put our finger on how. Then we heard that superwoman (and Oiselle Founder/CEO) @oiselle_sally was heading to NYC, with Oiselle corp dev queen @drlesko in tow. We were really sad at the thought that they’d be in NYC with no fashion show to speak of this time around. We knew what we had to do: IT’S A WALK OFF! Continue reading

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I’m sorry guys…

I know. I haven’t blogged in awhile. Two things happened: (1) The title of this blog is “a siegfried runs” and I wasn’t running, ergo I had little to say and (2) I got insanely busy with, you know, real work and the explosion that was the government shutdown (you can read/hear a little about that here or just by searching google for “government shutdown antarctica”).

Well that’s going to change (well at least until I leave for Antarctica on December 1st). I started running again, have a 10K PR to break, and have lots of new gear to review. Plus I’ll be spectating my first marathon ever (after coincidentally finding myself in NYC on marathon weekend), which will include, among other things, meeting up with Kev and CT and likely embarrassing myself at brunch with some Oiselle ladies [hopefully hiding my not-so-secret #fancrush(s)].

My first real post back will come later this week. A bit of background on what’s to come: After hugely embarrassing myself on the internet-at-large by admitting that I started wearing women’s spandex, a lovely, little Oiselle birdie gave me this advice…

A suggestion that I make some [blog] babies? That’s all the introduction I need. Consider me in for some woo-ing.

And woo @RunFastandFab I did. Two months later, a blog baby was created.

Stay tuned…

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Race Recap: Ironman Wisconsin 2013

I’ve now written this post three times. Here’s the problem: a 10 hour race is really boring. I swam for a while, I biked for a really long time, then I ran a marathon. I wish I could regale you in stories about overcoming demons and reaching some new metaphysical understanding about myself, but I can’t because that didn’t happen. I raced within myself and everything fell nicely into place.

So here’s what I’ll do: I’ll go through each part of the race, give a quick summary of what happened, then provide some bullet points covering some things that either will be helpful for me to reflect on or might interest you. If you have any  questions about my race, leave a comment and I’ll answer!  Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Things I Like: Racing


2003. Late September. Roy Gummerson Invitational, Schiller Woods Forest Preserve. I am a mediocre runner on my JV cross-country team. I find myself stride-for-stride with two competitors with about a quarter mile to go. We’re competing for some unimportant place in the most unimportant race of the day (Open Boys). I’m in the middle, flanked on both sides. Guy on my left starts to make his move to the chute. I match his stride and we drop the guy on my right. I hold my middle ground as we enter the funnel.

Your typical finishing chute for an XC race.

High school cross country races don’t have chips. There’s a funnel made of rope that goes from 5 or 10 meters wide to the width a single high school boy at the finish line. Time doesn’t matter on this 2.95mi course—place does.

We enter the funnel stride for stride. This is where cross country becomes a full contact sport. I have position for finishing. My ghost will do anything to get that quarter step needed to sneak in front of me at the line. 5 strides to go. We’re in perfect unison. Neither of us is slowing down. 3 strides to go. I sense he’s about to make his move toward the middle. All 110lbs of me cedes no ground. I run him straight into the (padded) pole that defines the left side of the finish line. He falls backward, not only losing to me, but to the guy we had dropped 100 meters back. Victory.

There’s nothing like a good cross country race. Spikes flying. Mud everywhere. Twisted ankles. Finish line body checks. I fell in love with racing on those cold, blustery mornings.

Sloth mode causes taper madness

How much do I love racing? When I moved to San Diego and found out that I could race through the winter, I ended up racing 6 times in 8 weeks, setting my 5k, 10k, and 13.1mi PRs during that stretch. Granted I don’t race those distances often, but I seemed to “get up” for each race even with an unrelenting schedule.

I haven’t raced since May 4th. And I was sick for that one. I’ve been antsy to race before, but never like this. Couple the complete lack of racing with tapering and I’m starting to go crazy. Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Pleassseeeeee can I race?


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What to expect when you’re expecting

One week out. Whoa. WHOA.

Since I started tapering a week ago (I consider my first “taper” week more of a normal recovery week than a taper), I found myself with some spare time on my hands. With this newfound freedom I actually started seeing humans again (*gasp*). I know, crazy, right?!

The problem here is seeing people leads to, “Hey, you love beer! Why did you only drink half a beer and now are drinking water?!” Which leads to the question, “So what’s your goal time?”

No. Just no. Stop it. Don’t ask me that. Continue reading

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Wednesday Links

Between my birthday, my fantasy football draft, working, and going crazy because of my taper, I haven’t finished any of the half dozen posts I have started. So read other things:

  • Teammate, friend, dude running around San Diego in “rhody” (read: pink) women’s running shorts, and all around crazy good athlete started a blog. His first post (a race recap of a race he won, no big deal) contains one of the all-time great race registration stories. Bookmark this one cause it’ll be excellent:
  • Speaking of teammates, friends, and crazy good athletes, newly-minted pro triathlete Bill didn’t recently start his blog, but he did just start writing it in comic form (grad students have too much time on their hands, right?). It’s hilarious and awesome. Just read his run down of training in San Diego and you’ll realize this is pure gold.
  • Registration for Coveskipper Aquathlon and 5K is open. Ignore everything Bill says about swimming in the ocean in San Diego and come swim in the ocean in San Diego!
  • While on the topic of being in San Diego, the Slowtwitch Saddle Tour hits town today through Saturday. There aren’t many game-changers in triathlon, but, for me at least, my Adamo Road was one. I have yet to have a saddle sore or really any ill-effects from a long day in the saddle since switching over. If you have any saddle discomfort or post-ride groin issues, hit up the Saddle Tour.
  • I tweeted about this, but it deserves a mention here: great article from Runner’s World about Dartmouth running super star Abbey D’Agostino. There are a million little gems in this article (a quote about blitz, the possible tough choice between the Olympics and Sophomore Summer, an appearance by JYK), so go read it. While we’re here, I just wanted to reaffirm that Mark Coogan is a hugely badass coach, responsible not just for Abbey, but also Ben True (D’08), who is lighting it up on the professional circuit these days. Fun fact: in a single day, Coogan had two athletes win national championships and his daughter came in 7th at nationals. Not bad.
  • Fellow San Diegoan Chris Horner won Stage 3 at the Vuelta a España (the Spanish version of the Tour de France), making him the oldest stage winner of a Grand Tour (the Grand Tours being the TdF, the Vuelta, and their Italian counterpart the Giro). The best part of all of it: he backed up his shit-talk express (or at least the Californian version) from two days before. Related, I saw him back in February on a training ride up Mt. Soledad. He was the last in his group up the hill.


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