Hot Dog! We Have a Wiener!!

Who knew that all you had to do to have a successful internet giveaway contest was embarrass yourself on the Internet for all of eternity?! You guys and gals definitely out-did yourselves with the caption contest and, as much as we would love to keep the free pair of Oiselle Flyte Shorts for ourselves, we sadly have to anoint a winner.

BUT FIRST! There was that little head-to-head contest between Grumplesiggy and RunFastandFab over who rocks the Flyte Shorts better. And man, was it a close one. RunFastandFab pulled out to the early lead, but Grumplesiggy valiantly fought his way back to within a few votes. With a final push on Monday afternoon, while Grumplesiggy was recovering from a long weekend of cheering on 50,000 of his closest friends at the NYC Marathon, RunFastandFab ran away from her male pursuant with a final tally of 69-49. Even though Grumplesiggy lost, we’re all fairly certain that he isn’t too torn up about having to buy RunFastandFab another pair of Flyte Shorts. I mean, she did look pretty good in them, right? As always, in the battle of sexes, women rule the day.

And now (drumroll please) the caption contest. Who will win the coveted pair of Flyte Shorts to show off his/her LBA to the world at large?? After much deliberation between Grumplesiggy and RunFastandFab (seriously, there were even threats of *gasp* phone calls!), the winner is:

“Did some say in-Flyte entertainment?”

Because, really, who doesn’t love a good pun? Congratulations @onplanetjenny for the huge win. One quick caveat here: as part of your victory, you’re gonna have to snap a few model poses and send them along. Because it’s not the Flyte Short Revolution unless everyone is embarrassing themselves. RunFastandFab will get in touch for you to receive your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participating in the Who Wore It Better poll and in the caption contest. And a HUGE thank you to Oiselle for providing some swag. Until the next time we decide to make a [blog] baby…

Yours in LBA,
RunFastandFab & Grumplesiggy


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just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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