I’m sorry guys…

I know. I haven’t blogged in awhile. Two things happened: (1) The title of this blog is “a siegfried runs” and I wasn’t running, ergo I had little to say and (2) I got insanely busy with, you know, real work and the explosion that was the government shutdown (you can read/hear a little about that here or just by searching google for “government shutdown antarctica”).

Well that’s going to change (well at least until I leave for Antarctica on December 1st). I started running again, have a 10K PR to break, and have lots of new gear to review. Plus I’ll be spectating my first marathon ever (after coincidentally finding myself in NYC on marathon weekend), which will include, among other things, meeting up with Kev and CT and likely embarrassing myself at brunch with some Oiselle ladies [hopefully hiding my not-so-secret #fancrush(s)].

My first real post back will come later this week. A bit of background on what’s to come: After hugely embarrassing myself on the internet-at-large by admitting that I started wearing women’s spandex, a lovely, little Oiselle birdie gave me this advice…

A suggestion that I make some [blog] babies? That’s all the introduction I need. Consider me in for some woo-ing.

And woo @RunFastandFab I did. Two months later, a blog baby was created.

Stay tuned…


About siegfried

just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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