Wednesday Links

Between my birthday, my fantasy football draft, working, and going crazy because of my taper, I haven’t finished any of the half dozen posts I have started. So read other things:

  • Teammate, friend, dude running around San Diego in “rhody” (read: pink) women’s running shorts, and all around crazy good athlete started a blog. His first post (a race recap of a race he won, no big deal) contains one of the all-time great race registration stories. Bookmark this one cause it’ll be excellent:
  • Speaking of teammates, friends, and crazy good athletes, newly-minted pro triathlete Bill didn’t recently start his blog, but he did just start writing it in comic form (grad students have too much time on their hands, right?). It’s hilarious and awesome. Just read his run down of training in San Diego and you’ll realize this is pure gold.
  • Registration for Coveskipper Aquathlon and 5K is open. Ignore everything Bill says about swimming in the ocean in San Diego and come swim in the ocean in San Diego!
  • While on the topic of being in San Diego, the Slowtwitch Saddle Tour hits town today through Saturday. There aren’t many game-changers in triathlon, but, for me at least, my Adamo Road was one. I have yet to have a saddle sore or really any ill-effects from a long day in the saddle since switching over. If you have any saddle discomfort or post-ride groin issues, hit up the Saddle Tour.
  • I tweeted about this, but it deserves a mention here: great article from Runner’s World about Dartmouth running super star Abbey D’Agostino. There are a million little gems in this article (a quote about blitz, the possible tough choice between the Olympics and Sophomore Summer, an appearance by JYK), so go read it. While we’re here, I just wanted to reaffirm that Mark Coogan is a hugely badass coach, responsible not just for Abbey, but also Ben True (D’08), who is lighting it up on the professional circuit these days. Fun fact: in a single day, Coogan had two athletes win national championships and his daughter came in 7th at nationals. Not bad.
  • Fellow San Diegoan Chris Horner won Stage 3 at the Vuelta a España (the Spanish version of the Tour de France), making him the oldest stage winner of a Grand Tour (the Grand Tours being the TdF, the Vuelta, and their Italian counterpart the Giro). The best part of all of it: he backed up his shit-talk express (or at least the Californian version) from two days before. Related, I saw him back in February on a training ride up Mt. Soledad. He was the last in his group up the hill.



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