Another week in the books

Totals for the week:

  • Swim: 4 workouts, 5.8 miles, 2hr59min
  • Bike: 3 workouts, 6hr48min
  • Run: 4workouts, 32.5mi, 3hr53min

For those that are math-deficient, that’s 13 hours 40 minutes over 11 workouts in the past week. How does this fit into the whole, “Let’s get back into shape” goal? Well let’s take a look… [Nerd alert: it kills me to post graphs made in Excel. I somehow don’t have MATLAB, Octave, GMT, or any other plotting program on this computer.]

We aren't looking at the complementary graph, which shows my decreasing social life...

We aren’t looking at the complementary graph, which shows my decreasing social life…

Hmmm that looks like a pretty nice steady increase in training time. Does it break up nicely like that between sports?

Not quite as pretty.

Not as pretty.

Quite interesting that my training volume kept increasing, but two of the three sports leveled off. I will note that my long run was cut by 33%. Regardless, it seems like someone realized he needs to work on his cycling…

How do I feel about the past week? Break it down by sport:

Swimming: Monday was a recovery swim. I later calculated that during the 1x2000yd main set, I set a PR in the 1500m (the Olympic-distance swim) by over 3 minutes. If I had continued swimming for another 112 yds (to complete a half-iron distance swim), I was have PR-ed that distance by even more. Not bad for a recovery swim. On Tuesday, I swam 5 all-out 100s during my main set. 4 of the 5 were faster than my previous fastest 100.

Cycling: A bit of love/hate this week. I had a lot of time in the saddle. That’s good. None of it was stellar though. But time in the saddle is time in the saddle. Long ride was 62miles, which I believe is the furtherest I’ve ever traveled on two wheels (motorized or otherwise).

Finished my new cockpit too! Back to ski-bend extensions for this guy.

Running: Started the week great. Ran strength intervals for the second half a brick (bike/run) workout: 3x (1 mile, 2x half mile) with one of my team’s top girls and one of my team’s top guys. I took the role of pacer. Our times: 5:55, 2:57, 2:57, 5:55, 2:58, 2:58, 5:55, 2:56, 2:50. I paced the shit out of that workout and was never in difficulty. Later in the week, work caught up to me and I had to push my long-run to Sunday after my long bike. It was short and didn’t go particularly well. Possibly because I was trying to cap an 8 hour weekend with a long run that includes 30min of “all out”. Let’s not do that again.

What’s up this week? We’re stepping back a little bit this week, giving my legs a break. They’re definitely starting to remember what this whole “training” thing feels like, but they probably could use a bit of recovery. The week ends with the WCCTC conference championships, which is the team’s first Olympic distance triathlon this year. Fun fact: I’ve never ever finished an Olympic distance. 3 half-ironmans (ironmen?), 3 sprints. I’m hoping to not end up in the med tent and actually finish this year. Oh and I have a boat load of work. So that’ll have to happen.

I guess my friends are starting to notice...

St. Patrick’s Day plans. I guess my friends are starting to notice the ramp in training…


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