Week 1: Oh yeah, I kinda remember this…

Oh training. How I missed you.

I went into my first race of the season a week ago Sunday thinking I was racing on one week of training. I was wrong. Very very wrong.

I might have been slow at the race, but I did have (and still have!) a killer mustache. And a onesie.

Here’s what I did the week before the race:

  • 2 swims, 4400 yards, 1hr24min (approximate)
  • 1 bike ride, 4 miles, 16 minutes (pre-race course ride)
  • 4 runs, 21 miles, 2hr34min

That’s 4 hours and 16 minutes of training. Including the race and the ride I went on that afternoon, it was about an 8 hour week. It’s amazing in retrospect that I could put one leg in front of the other at the race and not fall face first.

Then there was this past week:

  • 4 swims, 10,200 yards (3hr3min)
  • 3 bike rides (4hr3min)
  • 4 runs, 42 miles (4hr4min)

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Week 1 in the books. 11 workouts in 11 hours, 10 minutes. Still low volume (for long course triathlon), but you gotta start somewhere. Especially when you are terrified of your Achilles burst in two at any minute.

If you’re curious as to how that breaks down, here ya go:

Monday: AM recovery swim. Slow, long intervals. PM brick (bike and run) with the team. Since we just raced, it was pretty low key. 20 x (1 min high resistance, low cadence) then a 30 minute run with some 30s pick ups. 


Wednesday: AM swim. Trying to remember how to swim fast and stuff. PM track workout with the team. Again, easy workout for some recovery.

Thursday: Long run. 15 miles. Hilly.

Friday: Abysmal day consisting of me having a mental breakdown at the pool and failing at a tempo ride on my trainer while watching The Daily Show.

Saturday: Not awful swim to make up for my awful one the day before.

Sunday: Long, easy bike ride. Hour run.


About siegfried

just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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