Where I’ve been

So it’s been awhile. Last time I was here, I was lamenting the fact that my achilles wanted to die. That was a long time ago. Let’s rewind:

November 30: 4 mile shake out the night before the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K. 2 miles in, my Achilles starts giving me a little shout. By the time I got back to the hotel room at mile 4, my left leg was in shutdown mode. I quite literally could not lift my left heel off the ground. My hotelmate (racing the half marathon) laughed because he thought I was kidding around. Nope. Decide to wake up for the race and assess when I get there. Bad idea, Sir!

Pleasant racing conditions

December 1: Monsoon in San Francisco. Race is still on. Sun hasn’t come up yet. Decide to start and see what happens. I’ll write up a real race report for the race at some point (hint: it was a total clusterf*@#—they canceled the second day of racing), but for now, I’ll tell you I was limp-running by mile 8 (in 6th place nonetheless) and DNF’d by mile 13.1. Someone a few days later (I wish I remembered who!) jokingly asked if I was dyslexic and thought that I had finished.

December 2-4: Can’t walk. Like actually feel like my achilles might burst in two.

December 18-ish: Visit my massage therapist. Who informs me that it’s not my achilles, it’s my tibialis posterior, which, unbeknownst to me, has been curled up in a tiny little ball for since November 30th. My hallucis longus went a similar direction when I stupidly tried to race. He follows this up with an, “Oh by the way, the next thing to break in your lower leg is your Achilles tendon. That’s the typical progression.” Great. Now I think my Achilles is going to snap in half. Still do.

December 25-February 7: Antarctica. See penguins. They’re silly. You can read more about my time in Antarctica by reading my blog which abruptly ended as soon as I was put in charge of my field team, by looking at my pictures, or by, um, google news-ing “WISSARD”. On the athletics side of things, I planned to allow my lower calf muscles to recover. Then I got delayed long enough to be in McMurdo for the McMurdo Marathon. Sign up to run it, Achilles be damned. How often do you happen to be in Antarctica for a marathon?! Weather goes to shit the day of the marathon; marathon canceled. Lower calf thanks the weather gods.

February 7-13: Bum in New Zealand. Run twice. Will update with pictures when I get to the office tomorrow. Somehow I managed to upgrade from San Diego for a few days. Crazy.

February 14-16: Chicago. Swim once (whoa I’m out of shape). Back to San Diego on the 17th.

February 23-24: Help race direct a weekend of triathlon for the UCSD Triathlon team. I’ll have a big ol’ post on this. But we put on the first ever college-hosted  draft-legal triathlon. Tritonman was a great success. But needless to say, not much working out between when I got back to San Diego and the end of the race.

Feburary 24-March 2: Host 3 different people. Hillary, a visiting faculty member, and a prospective student. Not much free time to work out.

March 3: Shave a Prefontaine mustache. Race a sprint triathlon. Wait, what? Since muscle memory is such a lovely thing, the race wasn’t a complete a disaster. I did text my coach with a quick recap, whining about all the slowness (in case you were wondering, it was 7:03 for a 400m swim, 42min for a 13.4mi crit-style bike, 18:30 5K). His response: “you aren’t fit.” Duly noted.

Prefontaine in 4 easy steps!

Which brings me the past week. My first week of training. Half iron distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) on May 4. Ironman Wisconsin (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) on September 8th. Time to get fit.

As for this blog: I guess I’ll update it every so often again. Wouldn’t that be something! In the near future, you’ll get a recap of my first week back training and I think I’ll even do a Tuesday’s Things I Like post for this Tuesday. It’s a good one.


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