Not my thoughts on the NYC Marathon

I’ve (purposefully) stayed away from the whole NYC Marathon saga. And I’m going to continue doing that. There was no right answer, I wasn’t signed up, and I’m not a New Yorker*. But here’s a quote from Staten Island native and 2:18 marathoner Mike Cassidy that I’m just throwing out there for you to read. It was the Quote of the Day on**

That the marathon became the focal point of worst natural disaster in New York City history is a disgrace. As a native Staten Islander and as I runner, I couldn’t be more appalled (and I wasn’t scheduled to run Sunday’s race). Of course, this was never really about the marathon. It was about anger. We had just been devastated by a terrible tragedy. We were upset. We needed someone to blame. To see ourselves as the victims of a randomly cruel universe didn’t offer much comfort. Existentialism is unsettling …

I’m not concerned about the runners. They’re disappointed, but they’ll adjust their training and find other races to run. Dealing with adversity is what we do. No, I’m worried about the rest of New York. Our propensity to point fingers, our inclination towards anger, our tendency to be destructive rather than constructive. I’ve seen how the marathon can represent New York at its best and I’m saddened to see how it’s become a symbol of New York at its worst.

Read the rest of his thoughts here


*I’m pretty close to a New Yorker since I get the NYTimes and the New Yorker both delivered. But I have two brothers, a sister-in-law, a grandmother, and a handful of cousins [including this one] who all are real New Yorkers. You should read what they have to say instead of what I have to say. Even if I had an opinion, they’d say their louder. San Diego vs. New York, I guess.

**Slowtwitch and LetsRun destroy all productivity. Head over at your own risk.


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One Response to Not my thoughts on the NYC Marathon

  1. agreed, NYRR didnt handle this well, I live in NYC and have my own thoughts as well but I found there were some good things that came out of it, if you dont mind me plugging my write up.

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