Where I’ve been…

Whoops! Sorry about that total ghost on my part. Been quite the busy last week.

Thursday: I had to actually do work. A lot of it. Crazy how that works. And I had a phone interview with a potential coach. For like 90 minutes.

Friday: AM– De Soto sale. Like the best sale in the world. More on that some other time. PM– Had to get my shit together to help finish an NSF end of year progress report for one of the the projects on which I work. I didn’t even have time for free beer Friday afternoon 😦

Saturday: Coveskipper. Co-race directing is fun, but time consuming. Gearing up for the next one now… February 24th. Sprint triathlon. Mark your calendar. Oh and my parents came into town during the race.

Sunday: Challenged Athletes’ Foundation’s annual San Diego Triathlon Challenge. I volunteered to bike along with some wheelie runners. I’ll give you a race recap for it, but suffice it to say, it was inspirational and awesome. Their hashtag #BestDayInTri is no lie. Parents still in town.

Monday: Host for visiting professor who I asked to give a seminar. Which required me to take him from meeting to meeting every half hour. And eat two meals with him. Oh and he is in the National Academy of Sciences. He was fantastic, gave one of the best Monday Seminars I’ve been to, and was generally insanely smart and friendly, but the whole hosting thing was a massive time suck. And parents in town.

Tuesday: Work. Parents in town. Food coma.

Wednesday: Parents leave town. Oh and that’s today. Hi.

So, I’ve now helped race direct, I have a new coach, and hosted three visitors. Busy week. And this doesn’t even include working out…. This is about the extent to which my brain functions currently:


About siegfried

just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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