Twin Cities in Pictures

Some pictures of the Twin Cities. Pre-race thoughts here. Race recap here. Enjoy.

First thing I saw in downtown Minneapolis. Not reassuring

View from hotel room. Nice parking lot, eh.

Day before race breakfast. Maybe a bad idea?

Headin to the expo. In tuxes.

Shoe bling at the Expo. I’ll pass.

Fall colors.

Pedal Pub. Seems like a good way to get drunk I guess.

Skip to post race. Chanthana crying.

Scott signing up for Boston at the finish.

Finish line tents.


Game day back in Minneapolis.

Evil Vikings fans choke out Charlie Brown. Go Bears.

Drumlins outside the court?

Post-race lunch.

Minneapolis like fedoras. Weird…

Mill City.

Endless escalator at the Guthrie

So much flour.

Panaroma of the Mighty Mississippi

Downtown. A series of tubes.

Christmas morning caramel corn with the check at 112 Eatery.

Hilarious pianist at Nye’s



About siegfried

just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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3 Responses to Twin Cities in Pictures

  1. Chatter says:

    Hey, I wear a Fedora, what is wrong with Fedoras? Good pictures.

    • siegfried says:

      Ha! You just don’t get many fedoras in San Diego. I felt overrun in minny. Thanks for checking out the pictures though.

      • Chatter says:

        Honestly I don’t think you get many fedoras anywhere. I think I am like the only person under 60 in Georgia that owns and regularly wears one. Its a hold over from the days when I used to be an archaeologist and my friend and I started to wear one to mock the public perception of archaeologists.

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