quick hits on kona

  • Boom. Called it a quarter mile into the swim. Ignore my incorrect stat:
  • The grand irony of Kona: all triathletes that don’t qualify sits on their ass for 10 hours instead of working out. I managed to squeeze 2000 yards in the pool while the pro men were running.

  • Wore ZOOT a shirt I got from Jordan Rapp all day. Then watched him negative split the bike, crush a sub 3hr run, and prove to himself that he can play with the big boys with a 13th, 2 minutes behind Crowie. The rest of us knew he was that good already.
  • Faris Al-Sultan is the king of swag in triathlon. Great to see a top 5 for him.
  • Dirk Bockel finished Top 10 with a broken wrist. I can’t comprehend this.
  • #IMKona didn’t trend on Twitter until the very end of the race. #NationalNoBraDay was though.
  • By far the best split of the day came from Jordan Rapp, who hit 127 mph today: 
  • Still watching the insanely close women finish. Crazy to see someone run away from Rinny. Ready for a Cave/Steffen boxing match. And missing Chrissie.
  • The whole reason for this post: to tell the world that I’ll qualify for Kona one day. See you in Hawaii.

About siegfried

just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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