Tuesday’s Things I Like: Road ID

So I’m a scientist by trade, which means anytime I need to make a decision on something, I’m super anal about choosing the best solution for my needs. So let me introduce you to my means of Tuesday procrastination: Tuesday’s Things I Like. Today’s is a pretty obvious one, but I still don’t see enough around: Road ID

Almost half a million people every year are taken to the hospital, unconscious with no identification. This is a serious slowdown to your medical treatment generally and a life-or-death problem if you have any medical conditions (asthema, allergies [especially to medicines], 8 spleens, etc.).

When you bike, you have pockets. You can throw an ID with some emergency info back there. But swimming and running are another beast. I run with as little on my as possible (shoes and 2″ split shorts FTW). What happens if I get hit by a car crossing a street? Even if I’m running with a friend, do they know that I might be allergic to half a dozen antibiotics? (Note: I’m not.)

Enter Road ID.

There isn’t much to say except that it’s a cheap, unobtrusive way to give you some piece-of-mind that if the unthinkable happens: (1) you’ll get proper medical treatment as quickly as possible, and (2) your family can be contacted immediately. I personally like the Wrist ID Slim. It’s basically a LiveStrong bracelet in any color (I wear purple of course) with your information on it. It’s light and doesn’t get in the way. If you are a triathlete, think about getting the Ankle ID since it doubles as a comfortable timing chip strap. I swim in mine. I bike in mine. I run in mine. I hike in mine. I forget that I’m wearing mine and wear it around town accidentally all the time, too.

Purple Wrist ID Slim on my right wrist (under the neon slap bracelet)

Wrist ID Elite on my right wrist

$15 for a bit of personal safety seems like a no-brainer to me when we spend that much on 3 days worth of coffee. And if you search the web, you can usually find a coupon for a dollar or two off.

Go buy one.

In the interest of full disclosure, if you click any of the Road ID links above (or that one! So meta), UCSD Triathlon gets a 10% commission on your purchase (your price doesn’t change). So use the links above and support UCSD Triathlon!


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4 Responses to Tuesday’s Things I Like: Road ID

  1. Chatter says:

    I love mine and always wear it, be it sport or a night out. I am just used to wearing it. Of course I have the elite and its a bit bulkier, but still love it. I wear orange though.

    • siegfried says:

      Wait a second, when I bought my Elite, I could have sworn that I could only get it in black! Yarggghhhh now I feel so boring. Though I do still like the Slim better….

      • Chatter says:

        I might have to buy a slim an try it out. I sorta like the balance the elite gives with the Global Trainer on the other wrist. They sell replacement bands if you want to switch the color out, I think they have a whole range of colors.

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