Chicago Marathon: October 9, 2011

Man, I wish it was 5 degrees cooler for this race. Unlike Chicago 2010 when it was hot hot, this race was more sneaky hot. If the suns out and it’s only a little warm, the back half of this race (Adams out to the United Center, then back through the South Side) will melt you. Some thoughts and the splits onward.

Don’t you love it? Holding on for dear life at 20K, wheels start falling off at 25K. Just like 2010, but to a lesser degree. Happy to be in the top 1% of all finishers though. That’s pretty neat. I’m almost fast guys! My first 13.1 here was a whole 55 seconds slower than my current half marathon PR. I guess I should probably race a half marathon for realz one of these days.

Kristen, Kev, and Chanthana all ran too. And we all decided we were done with Chicago, heading to Twin Cities in hopes of better weather in 2012.

Me, Kristen, Kevin (left to right) looking sweaty post race

By far the coolest part of the race was when I saw THE joggler while watching for Chanthana running up Roosevelt Rd. Like world record holder Perry Romanowski. I was in the presence of greatness. His race recap is here.

UPDATE: Here’s another silly story from this race. I was running through Lincoln Park with two d-bags in neon singlets who were chatting it up on course, being generally super annoying. About 100 yards the aid station, there were two lovely course marshals, cheering runners on. D-bag #1 screams, “WHERE’S MY GATORADE?!” to these obviously-not-aid-station-volunteers, sending both d-bag #1 and d-bag #2 into a laughing fit. I have had enough and push to to the 10K mark to drop them. Months later, I meet Chic (of other opinions fame) and she regales me with a story from her day of course marshaling at the Chicago Marathon. A story about some d-bag in a neon singlet asking her why she wasn’t giving him gatorade. She also has the same birthday as I do. Strange.

Me somewhere near where the above story happened. I think right before the aid station.

My splits:

0K-5K: 19:37 (6:19 min/mi)
5K-10K: 19:39 (6:19 min/mi)
10K-15K: 19:31 (6:17 min/mi)
15K-20K: 19:35 (6:18 min/mi)
20K-25K: 19:40 (6:20 min/mi)
25K-30K: 19:59 (6:26 min/mi)
30K-35K: 20:23 (6:34 min/mi)
35K-40K: 20:57 (6:45 min/mi)

front half: 1:22:39 (6:18 min/mi)
back half: 1:25:41 (6:32 min/mi)

0-26.2: 2:48:20 (6:25 min/mi)

104/3077 AG, 267/20,284 M, 305/35755 OA


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