Chicago Marathon: October 10, 2010

Riddle: what happens when you move twice for a total of 3000 miles over the course of a marathon training cycle? Click on for the answer.

The answer is you find a blazing hot marathon to run so you can blame not PR-ing on the heat and not on your awful training. The good news is I met a killer fast lady runner during the first mile of the race and ran with her for about 15 or 16 miles, started a one-way battle with Minnie Mouse, and ran into Jeff at the finish.

Other than that, note the best of races. I was holding on for dear life starting around 25K (when Kristen dropped me) and the wheels just feel off at 30K. That back stretch of Chicago past the United Center then down to Comiskey is brutal on a hot, sunny day.

0K-5K: 20:24 (6:34 min/mi)
5K-10K: 20:27 (6:35 min/mi)
10K-15K: 20:41 (6:39 min/mi)
15K-20K: 20:19 (6:32 min/mi)
20K-25K: 20:45 (6:41 min/mi)
25K-30K: 21:27 (6:54 min/mi)
30K-35K: 23:25 (7:32 min/mi)
35K-40K: 23:27 (7:33 min/mi)

front half: 1:26:24 (6:35 min/mi)
back half: 1:34:22 (7:12 min/mi)

0-26.2: 3:00:46 (6:54 min/mi)

96/1216 AG, 627/19,946 M, 733/36,088 OA


About siegfried

just a runner. kinda a triathlete. and a big couch sitter.
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