Chicago Lakeshore Marathon: May 31, 2004

Ah yes, my first marathon. The now defunct Chicago Lakeshore Marathon (defunct after the 2005 running was a nice 27.7 mile jaunt). My senior year of high school. Classes ended the Friday before Memorial Day. While the rest of my class was off partying the following Sunday night, I was in bed by 9AM for a marathon the next day.

A quick recap written 8 years later, mostly so I can save my splits for the future. 

Weather was perfect-ish. 50s, a mist in the morning that lifted. Course went from McCormick Place up to Evanston-ish along the lakefront path and back. Check out these splits (pace is for the total race to that point):

10K: 48:57 (7:53 min/mi)
13.1: 1:40:39 (7:41 min/mi)
20 mile: 2:25:41 (7:17 min/mi)
Finish: 3:18:56 (7:35 min/mi)

I took no nutrition during the race except a tootsie pop around mile 21. Seriously. It was raspberry flavored. I bonked hard around mile 23. Let’s do some quick math. I covered the last 10K in 54:15 (8:45 pace). But I was actually hauling for the first half of that. Let’s conservatively estimate that I went 7:00 pace for the first 3 miles (I was going 6:31 pace from 13.1 to 20, so 7 is quite conservative here). That leaves 3.2 miles in 33:14—10:23 pace.

Yikes. Well, the good news is that I was 8 minutes away from a BQ on my first marathon when I was 17 with some of the worst pacing in the history of marathon running. The bad news is I immediately stopped running for 5 years.

Even better news: I found a $100 off coupon for a NordicTrack on the back of my bib! Though it expired June 30, 2004. Total sad face.


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