Boston Marathon: April 16, 2012

I ran this race because my air travel was free, my housing was free, and I had already paid the race entry. Basically, I flew across the country to get another long sleeve shirt. Why not, right? And then Boston 2011 happened. You know, the e-mails every hour for three days before saying if you are at all under-trained, don’t run because IT’S GONNA BE HOT.

Well that’s good! I wasn’t under-trained. I was untrained. A bit more about that below.

I spend mid-November through the end of January in Antarctica. I ran maybe four times while down there. That’s 10 weeks of me losing all of my fitness. Then I went straight (like racing my first weekend back) into the collegiate (read: short-course) triathlon season. I went to Boston with maybe 1 run longer than 8 miles.

So the plan before the heat issues was go out slowly. Now with the heat issues, the plan was… [drumroll] go out slowly. Oh and try not to die I guess. Turns out the heat actually worked out in my favor. After being passed by many thousands of runners in the first half, they all came back to me in the second half. I was bib #879 (bibs are seeded based on entry time) and I ended up 849th overall. Let that be a lesson to you all or something.

By far my race highlight: My one-way competition with Minnie Mouse is well documented. I hadn’t lost to him since that fateful day in 2010. Well, I take this race out slowly and around mile 4, I start hearing the all-too-familiar “HEY IT’S MINNIE!” shrieks from the crowd. I, outloud, mumble, “Oh for [fudge]’s sake,” and maintain my ~10m lead for a mile. Around mile 5, my foot falls asleep. (Thanks to wearing narrower women’s shoes, I’d been having shoe problems the past few weeks, so this was unsurprising.) At 10K, I stop and retie my shoe, which takes about 45s. Meanwhile, Minnie flies past me. DAMNIT.

I spend the next few miles tracking him down. You can’t miss him in the race. He’s a mid-50s, 5’3″Japanese man wearing a full Minnie costume with black CW-X tights. I know from the crowd that I’m on his tail as I approach 15K and I start laughing (actually laughing) because I know there’s a photo-op at the 15K mark (by the reservoir for the Boston-runners among us). I plan for the catch to happen there and I execute this plan to perfection:

Double thumbs up photobomb for Minnie

Other than that, the race was uneventful. It got so hot on the blacktop that it smelled like they were re-paving the road. I ran my slowest marathon since my first one in 2004. But I still managed to pass an incredible number of people in the back half of the most competitive age group marathon with a 1:37 high. Lots of Call Me Maybe signage. Kissed a geology major at Wellesley. Had a wasted BC girl ask for my number. Some splits:

0K-5K: 20:14 (6:31 min/mi)
5K-10K: 20:46 (6:41 min/mi)
10K-15K: 21:46 (7:00 min/mi)
15K-20K: 21:46 (7:00 min/mi)
20K-25K: 22:12 (7:09 min/mi)
25K-30K: 22:40 (7:18 min/mi)
30K-35K: 23:33 (7:35 min/mi)
35K-40K: 23:44 (7:38 min/mi)

front half: 1:29:20 (6:49 min/mi)
back half: 1:37:45 (7:27 min/mi)

0-26.2: 3:07:05 (7:08 min/mi)

611 AG, 798 M, 849 OA


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