Race Recap: Coronado Independence Day 15k

I’ve had a string of not-so-good races. Let’s rewind all the way back to last November:

  • North Shore Turkey Trot: I believe Kevin, my racing buddy for the day, chirped me during the race with something along the lines of, “Whatcha doin’ just jogging out there?!”
  • McMurdo Christmas Day Ob Hill Run: I went to bed one hour before this race. I didn’t even show up to the start line.
  • UCI Zot Trot Sprint Triathlon: I did this literally the day I got back from Antarctica. It was the first time I had swim in 3 months, biked in 2.5 months, and run in 2 months. Let alone the first time I did all three since Ironman Wisconsin.
  • UCLA IronBruin Sprint Triathlon: I crashed the day before and finishing this race almost certainly led to my calf/achilles problems that required 6 weeks off.
  • March Triathlon Series Olympic Triathlon: Didn’t make it past the swim.

Yeah, not-so-good. And my training since returning from injury has not been so good either. So when Jeff texted me on June 30th asking if I wanted to race on July 4th, I was lukewarm.  Continue reading

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Eeeeeeeeeeep. 7 months?!

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2 games. 7 points. (h/t @kgranato)

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So it’s been 7 months. Who knew?  Continue reading

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Programming Note

I’ve been a bad boy. No posts for so long. Sorry. Been a bit hectic.

Anywho, if you want updates on my current non-athletic life in Antarctica, I be bloggin’ a bit over at my work blog, Scripps On Ice. http://ScrippsOnIce.wordpress.com/

In the mean time, here’s a bear riding a bicycle.

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Flashback Friday: Bike Camp

Flashback Friday has a nice ring to it, right? Maybe I’ll start doing this as a “thing”…

Anyway, I leave for the Anza Borrego desert this afternoon to camp and ride some bikes with 50 of my closest friends on UCSD Triathlon. Since I have AT&T (which doesn’t particularly work west of the Mississippi), updates from me will probably be few and far between. But some of the other folks with Verizon should be updating the “internet” with glib comments and pretty pictures on twitter and instagram.

Read up on what kind of shenanigans go on during Bike Camp in my recap post from last year. Meanwhile, enjoy a grumplesiggy-free twitter weekend. Lord knows you’ve been craving that…

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Product Reviews: Oiselle Distance and Flyte shorts

You guys are so lucky. You get two reviews in one. But they’re both going to be pretty short because I don’t particularly have good stories to tell. Just cut and dry product reviews. Boring, right? Okay fine, it won’t be short because I can’t write anything short.

First up is the Oiselle Flyte short.

You all knew this was coming and you’ve seen pictures of me wearing it. In fact, before @RunFastandFab and I made our blog baby, the astute readers among us could have figured out I was trying these out:

Quite surprisingly, I haven’t really found too many reviews of these shorts around. I have two hypotheses (can you tell I’m a nerd?): (1) FastAndFab’s comparison to Stride shorts actually covered everything you have to know [which is true], or (2) there actually isn’t much to review for the intended audience (women): they work, they’re comfortable, and they’re short.

For me, my dear readers, this is the story of man’s rising hemline in the 21st century. Continue reading

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Race Recap: Ragnar Las Vegas

Two summers ago, a friend of mine invited me to run a relay race. 200 miles between 12 friends through the beautiful high Oregon desert? Sure, sounds great! I’ll definitely run Cascade Lakes Relay with you. Fast forward to the actual race. 3 of the 12 had dropped out. Now it’s 200 miles between 9 people. I end up running 4 legs too quickly for 28.2 miles total, hurting myself, and taking a week off from running amidst a marathon training cycle. So when I see a tweet like this:

I think long and hard about how I hurt myself back in August 2011. In case you are terrible at math, November 4th, 2013 was 8 days ago. It was a Monday.

On Tuesday, Megan from nuun emailed me with details about the race.

On Wednesday, Megan got back to me assuring me the team of 11 women was okay having a smelly boy tag along. I asked them if they were axe murderers or kidnappers. They claimed they weren’t so I bought a plane ticket to Las Vegas.

On Thursday, I told you all about this adventure and then hopped on a plane to Vegas. Late that evening, my teammates found me in the lobby of the Luxor by screaming as loud as they could, “MATT! WHERE ARE YOU???” It was then I knew this adventure would be excellent.

On Friday, I was running.

How are we going to recap 187 miles through the Vegas desert, mostly in the dark? Let’s start with some general reflections on the race experience then talk about my legs for those that care (because that part will be borinnnngggg). Continue reading

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Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god

Well now that my first blog giveaway is done, I can go back to my regularly scheduled program. I have 2 or 3 product reviews I want to get up before leaving for Antarctica (on December 1st… damn that’s soon) and I’d like to recap my first ever major marathon viewing experience (hint: it was exhausting). I was looking forward to this weekend to write some stuff and taking some (more) embarrassing photos. 

Then nuun was looking for one last runner for the nuun/Pro Compression Ragnar Las Vegas team. If you know me at all, you know I love random, spur of the moment travel. In high school, I once took a <24 hour trip to New York City because it was the last month Les Misérables would be on Broadway (maybe I shouldn’t have just admitted that). My college spring breaks tended to be “hey let’s get in the car and see where we end up.” It’s just how I do things. And I had just been complaining that I didn’t run a relay this year.

At 4:30PM yesterday, I bought a ticket for a flight that leaves at 5PM today for Las Vegas. nuun relay teams (they’re KINDA a big deal, by the way) are typically all-female affairs. As a leg-shaving, women’s-shorts-wearing, compression-sock-loving red-blooded American male, I like to think I’m the perfect person to crash through this barrier.

So guess what? I’ll be with 11 women I’ve never met before, screaming (literally and figuratively) through the desert, stayin’ hydrated and lookin’ good in our compression socks. Team nuun/Pro Compression will be kicking ass and taking names all weekend in Vegas. Follow along on twitter or more generally with #RagnarVegas.

Because nuun and Pro Compression are apparently awesome, you, my dear reader(s) [HI MOM!], get to reap the benefits of my strange/awesome/maybehorrible decision making. Stop over at the nuun online store with code ragnarvegas for 20% off through the end of the year or the Pro Compression online store with code nuunpc for 40% (?!?!) off and free shipping!

Also, to my vocal cords: I’m sorry for what I’ve put you through two weekends in a row.

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